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Why I Created Our Womanhood

I created a program called Modern Mom Lifestyle after I had my two kids and had a lot of physical and emotional struggles as a result. My body wasn’t the same, I was struggling with diastasis recti and incontinence, and I had gained a lot of weight from giving birth to my two 10 pound babies! I had a hard time looking in the mirror. My confidence was shot. Exercise wasn’t the same, I had less time, my body wasn’t as strong, and eating healthy was a lot harder — especially on a budget. I wrote a book with a friend of mine, Dr. Monique Middlekauff, called Abs, Core, & Pelvic Floor, because I wanted to help other moms with the diastasis recti and the incontinence I experienced. Modern Mom Lifestyle was another way to help new moms learn more tips about nutrition and exercise that I wish I’d known when I was in that place. 

Fast forward a couple of years. Now my kids are older, six and nine. My life is different, and I’m in a completely different phase of womanhood and motherhood. I am always trying to stay on track with my nutrition and exercise, but my struggles are different in this phase. I’m not postpartum anymore, and my kids are more self-sufficient. I also started to realize how important the other parts of life were in terms of how they contributed to my overall health. Finances, emotional health, self-care, relationships, lifestyle, career, etc. all went into my well-being as a whole. I started to realize I wanted to help even more women in all phases of womanhood, not just the new mom phase. I wanted to help them in every aspect of health, not just with diet and exercise. I wanted to create a community of strong, capable, and amazing women so that we could all help each other. And so, Our Womanhood was born.

Our Womanhood is an expanded version of Modern Mom Lifestyle designed to reach many different women in all phases of womanhood. As I evolved, I wanted the program to evolve as well. It’s for moms and not-moms, it’s for new moms and moms who have been in it for years, it’s for the career woman and the woman just looking to hit her goals each month. It’s for all of us.

Helping women is my passion, and I’m so excited for all of us to discover Our Womanhood!


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