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How it works

Our Womanhood is a monthly subscription that provides you with tools to achieve success in terms of physical health, emotional health, and financial health! You’ll have the option for a monthly membership or for annual access. Each month, you’ll have access to the Our Womanhood website which offers tools in a number of categories including nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, budgeting, motivation, and more! You’ll have access to meal plans, exercise explanations, motivational tips, mom hacks, budgeting advice, recipes, the Facebook community, and more as new content is added to the site!

Each month:

  • Make a meal plan and try a new recipe (You can even purchase a monthly grocery list each month!) 
  • Peruse the exercises, and make a plan for your exercise routine that month
  • Look through the motivational category and set yourself up to achieve your goals whether that’s to read more, walk each day, or to do something new with your kids
  • Practice more self-care and give yourself grace
  • Create a budget and stick to it
  • Learn a new skill or soak in some advice in terms of parenting, health, relationships, gardening, travel, etc. 
  • Interact with your tribe on the Our Womanhood Facebook page! Share a funny meme, build others up, share your successes, and ask for advice 

You’ll get a 7 day trial with the monthly membership and annual access options, and our monthly subscription requires a three month commitment. You’ll be charged on the same day of each month. If you want to cancel or you have a question, please email us at (instead of DMing us on Facebook or Instagram!)

Enjoy Our Womanhood! We are so excited to have you as a part of our tribe!


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